• Is IMEI Number really helpful?

    Numerous wireless clients are persuaded that the 15-digit IMEI (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity) number, which is special to their handset, will help follow their lost telephone.

    In any case, just a little level of the lost mobiles is followed even though complainants give the number to the police.

    The reason referred to for this disappointment is the erasure of the essential IMEI number not long after the misfortune. "A couple of portable mechanics are associated with erasing and changing IMEI quantities of telephones. They do it for most brands, aside from iPhone. If they can't change the number, they disassemble the handset and offer the parts," says one Commissioner of Police.


    Although the police forward the points of interest to the telecom specialist co-ops in the State, the erasure of IMEI number obstructs the likelihood of the handset being followed. Stolen cell phones are additionally despatched to various States, where the telecom specialist organization's circle isn't cautioned about the misfortune, or even to neighbouring nations. The police don't forward routine objections to specialist organizations outside the State as it is an unpredictable technique.


    Some top of the line telephones is carried into neighbouring nations, which makes identification more troublesome. Notwithstanding when they are sold in a neighbouring State, it is hard to track them down. Additionally, the consumption of setting off to those spots and recouping them equivalents to the cost of the lost thing. Thus, lost telephones are not taken up on need unless it is associated with a deplorable wrongdoing.


    Police authorities, in the meantime, bring up that groups occupied with taking PDAs work is occupied zones like transport stands, markets, and railroad stations. While individuals, who lose top of the line mobiles hold up a dissension, numerous clients of standard telephones don't trouble. In the interim, police authorities, who likewise utilize cell phones broadly to distinguish different wrongdoings, say that an IMEI number isn't really expected to follow a telephone. "It is conceivable to identify the IMEI number of the telephone in view of the SIM card number," the authority said.


    Things being what they are, what is the major ordeal of cell phone clients recording the IMEI number and giving them to the police in case of its misfortune? It's constantly best that the departure of a cell phone is accounted for quickly to the police. For, you never realize that a lost handset can be utilized as a part of a wrongdoing or a fear occurrence.



    The city police have set up a selective research centre to track phone by IMEI. The work force sent at the research centre have been prepared to distinguish telephones. There are a couple of brands like iPhone and Nokia, whose IMEI numbers are hard to change. The lab will help recognize telephones whose IMEI numbers are not messed with. What's more, the police likewise do assaults on portable repair shops. The police additionally hold standard drives to distinguish groups spent significant time in taking telephones and offering them in the market.